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アメリカ合衆国 オレゴン州 レイク郡 で採取された黒曜石 黒曜石 ( 黒耀石 、こくようせき、 英: Obsidian )は、 火山岩 の一種、およびそれを加工した 宝石 である。 岩石 名としては 黒曜岩 (こくようがん)という 。 Obsidian Entertainment, Inc. is an American video game developer based in Irvine, California. It was founded in June 2003, shortly before the closure of Black Isle Studios, by ex-Black Isle employees Feargus Urquhart, Chris Avellone, Chris Parker, Darren Monahan, and Chris Jones. Although they have created original intellectual property, many.

Obsidian generates in woodland mansions with a diamond block concealed by it. These are found in the secret obsidian room and lava room, on the 2nd or 3rd floors. Obsidian generates as part of ruined portal Obsidian generates in sufficiently low ravines and caves where lava and water meet Obsidian is the first novel of the Lux Series, written by Jennifer L. Armentrout Obsidian is built to be extensible. With 22 core plugins and 121 community plugins, set up your own toolkit and get running in minutes. You'll even be able to install third party plugins or build your own once Obsidian reaches v1.0 黒曜石 (Terraria日本語化プロジェクト Wiki訳) 溶岩と水を接触させる事によってのみ発生する鉱石。. 採掘にはNightmare Pickaxe(65% pickaxe power)以上のPickaxe(ツルハシ)が必要になる。. 無い場合はBomb、Dynamiteでも採掘可能。. 参照 = Obsidian - Official Terraria Wiki. http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Obsidian. [編集]クラフティング. [編集]このアイテムを使って作れるもの. 生成物 Obsidian is a Vehicon from the Beast Era portion of the Generation 1 continuity family. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Obsidian and his consort Strika have fought for Cybertron in countless battles... and won them all

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Obsidian is an item found in Valheim. It unlocks the Tool shelf upgrade for the workbench and different kinds of elemental arrows Obsidianis the second hour-long episode that is part of Adventure Time: Distant Lands. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Characters 3.1 Major Characters 3.2 Minor Characters 3.3 Others 4 Music 5 Trivia 5.1 Cultural References 5.2 Episode Connections 5.3 Storyline Analysis 6 Videos 7 Gallery 7.1 Official art 7.2 Production art 7.3 Screenshots 8 References Marceline and Princess Bubblegum journey to the. Obsidian 和名 黒曜石(こくようせき) 別名 誤称 ・烏石(からすいし) ・漆石(うるしいし) ・天然ガラス ・グラスラーバ ・黒曜岩(こくようがん) 化学式 成分 SiO 2 +CaO、Na、Kなど モース 硬度 5 比重 2.33~2.42 結晶系 非晶質 産地 ・メキシ Obsidian is a mineral that can be found in the Magma Geode and the Omni Geode. This wiki is a read-only version of the Stardew Valley Wiki. The official editable wiki maintained by ConcernedApe can be found a

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Obsidian is a Charware bounty hunter who is known for his hatred towards humor and Utopigrams. He wields a battle axe, and a sword. He will also be an ally in Databrawl Heroes 2. 1 Appearance 2 Appearances 3 Personality 4 Lore 5 List of Bounties (not in order) 6 Stats (DBH 2) 6.1 Skills 6.2 Item Skills 6.3 Ultimate Move 6.4 Normal Attacks 6.5 Passive 7 Battlezone 7.1 Main Stats 7.2 Attacks 8. Obsidian, also known as natural glass or volcanic glass,5 came in different grades and varieties, some more prized than others. Low grade obsidian, called pitchstone, was not as shiny or smooth as gem quality obsidian but was useful for grinding and abrading.6 A variety called blacksmoke obsidian was primarily found in Tashalar, sold in the local bazaars.7 A rare form of obsidian, called.

Mafic obsidian rimming vesicular basalt (lava toe from early 1990s Kupaianaha pahoehoe lava flow (East Rift Zone, Kilauea Volcano), town of Kalapana, southeastern Hawaii, USA) (14838721599).jpg 2,085 × 1,990; 1.05 MB. Obsidian is a renewable resource, as the spawning platform and Ender Crystal pillars in the End (which are made of obsidian) are regenerated when a player re-enters the dimension or re-spawns the Ender Dragon. Obsidian is also spawned when Nether Portals are created, as portal frames are also made of obsidian

Obsidian is a Legendary weapon camouflage. It is a reflective camo that makes the weapon look like it is made of obsidian Obsidian bar - A metal bar used to make the armour Obsidian shard - Twelve obsidian shards, obtained in the Fight Cauldron minigame, are used to create an obsidian ba Obsidian is a black, glassy, stone that can be found on the ground or under Liftable Rocks. Obsidian can be found in all biomes Obsidian is a Common block obtainable in the Obsidian Sanctuary and The End An obsidian mauler is a type of pure build. They train their Strength levels extremely high and maintain a low Attack level. They get the name Obsidian Mauler from the fact that they use the Tzhaar-ket-om in PVP to achieve high hits at low levels

Obsidian equipment is a group of TzHaar weapons and armour from TzHaar City that is members only. To wield obsidian weaponry and armoury, the player must have at least level 60 Attack, Strength, Magic, Ranged or Defence, except the cape, which has no requirements Obsidian is a crafting material in Dragon Age: Inquisition. 1 Acquisition 2 Notes 3 Maps 4 See also Random loot from sacks. Found in the Hinterlands (Blood Cliffs, Hafter's Woods), Crestwood, Emerald Graves and the Exalted Plains The Obsidian Glaives was a Second Founding Successor or Primogenitor Chapter of the Ultramarines. The Obsidian Glaives were recorded as having been annihilated when their Chapter Homeworld of Obstiria was invaded in 998.M41 by the vast Greenskin hordes of the infamous Ork Warlord Grukk Face-rippa and his Red WAAAGH! Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass

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  1. Obsidian was a large box-shaped robot with a slight wedge at the front, resembling a stealth bomber and clad in carbon fibre and aircraft-grade materials. Its weapon was an axe described by Jonathan Pearce as a solid titanium, articulated, accelerated motion axe
  2. or character who is mainly in charge of weapon production
  3. Obsidian (real name Todd James Rice) is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics. He first appeared in All-Star Squadron #25, and was created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway. According to an Infinity, Inc. letter page, Obsidian was named Todd after a friend of Thomas. 1 Fictional character biography 1.1 Brightest Day 1.2 The New 52 2 Powers and abilities 3 Trivia Obsidian is the codename.
  4. The blueprint of the Jaeger Drones, Obsidian Fury is the very first drone created by Newton Geiszler, under the influence of the Precursors. Obsidian Fury was used by Newton as the standard model to mass produce other drones with the approval of Liwen Shao, who pioneered the technology as an alternative to pilot-controlled Jaegers

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Obsidian is a legendary ore (not so rare and not so strong of an ore in volcano island). However do not sell it. You need lots of obsidian pluse some other materials to make the best axe and pickaxe in the game. Making it not so worth 2000 Coins Escape the event and find comfort in Obsidian Platinum VR! —Obsidian North commercial[src] Obsidian Platinum is technology developed by Obsidian North that allows the user to enter into an augmented reality realm. 1 History 2 NPCs 3 Known locations 4 Known organizations 5 Appearances 5.1 Supergirl 5.1.1 Season 5 6 Trivia 7 References With me as your global ambassador, there won't be an. May or may not be the same as Obsinite. The black stone known as Obsidian is the bane of magic, totally refractory and inactive. In instances such as the Obsidian Hall of Altdorf, Wizards can feel their power dimmed by th Obsidian is a male NightWing who was introduced in Winter Turning. He is a guard who currently resides in the Rainforest Kingdom


  1. Obsidian is a Mineral found in the Barren Biome and Volcanic Biome, and infrequently in the Frozen and Caustic biomes. Maps with any of the Boulders World Traits have Obsidian boulders scattered randomly outside the starting area. It is also found in small amounts blocking Geysers. A Duplicant must learn the Superduperhard Digging skill to dig Obsidian, making it a significant impediment in.
  2. Obsidian arrow is an item found in Valheim. A sliver of darkness. Obsidian can be found within the Mountain biome, it requires an Iron pickaxe. This item is crafted within the workbench
  3. Obsidian weapons describes a number of feats that teach obsidian weapon recipes. They can only be found on a stele in The Well of Skelos
  4. In Obsidian you are able to greatly control the skills an actor/character have, and even add your own custom ones. In the skill section (shown in red) you are able to add proficiencies (shown in blue) and even change the base ability (shown in green) for that skill
  5. Visit the Minecraft Wiki for basic information about Obsidian Obsidian is created when a source block of lava is contacted by a flowing or source water block. Obsidian is not hard to come by, However, it is difficult to harvest; The block takes time to break and you need Diamond Pickaxe (or greater) to do so. It can also be obtained when the Kreknorite Meteor from the Falling Meteors Mod.
  6. 1 Overview 2 Abilities 2.1 Blinding Slam 3 Tactics 4 Trivia 5 Update History Obsidian Giant is the final Boss of Medieval Age. While it is quite slow, this Boss has a deadly attack that can greatly hinder towers. Unlike Diamond King, the Obsidian Giant does not need to be at a certain point of HP to attack. The Obsidian Giant takes on an appearance of having black reflective skin, with chains.

Obsidian Lair is a level 40+ raid in RPG Simulator and consists of 1 Boss. 1 Overview 2 Stages 2.1 Stage One 2.1.1 Recommended Skill Loadout 2.1.2 Strategies 3 Raid Drops 4 Boss Info 4.1 Normal Difficulty This raid takes place inside a volcano. Lava can be seen flowing on the sides of the map. The landscape is barren and lifeless. For more information about each enemy, click on its title to be. Duessel: Obsidian/Quotes - Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki. In the next few weeks, your wiki will be migrated to a Fandom.com domain. Learn more here

The Obsidian Crate is a pre-Hardmode crate that can only be fished in lava. Opening Obsidian and Hellstone Crates is the only way to obtain the Obsidian Lock Box, and therefore any Underworld-exclusive items normally found in locked Shadow Chests, once the Underworld has been fully looted. Its Hardmode counterpart is the Hellstone Crate. Desktop 1.4.1Doubled probability of getting a Lava Charm. Obsidian(黒曜石) は Shipwrecked で見られる アイテム です。. これを材料にしてより便利な 道具 や 武器 を作成できます。. 火山 に黒曜石が出てくる 岩石 があるのでこれを Gunpowder や Coconade で爆破させることにより入手できます。. また、 Lava Pool を 氷 で消すことによっても入手できます。. 他にも黒曜石は Volcano Staff のセットピースとして周囲に置かれていたり、 Dry.

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Obsidian is the final anomaly for the Helium Universeand starts at Zone 701. Upon reaching this zone for the first time, the following message is displayed on the screen: The Magma has solidified into impenetrable Obsidian; your Trimps have no hope of progressing here right now. The whole zone turns black, and all enemies gain the Hardened effect. This makes their health and attack infinite. In the DC Comics universe, Todd Rice/Obsidian is the son of the Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott, and the twin brother of Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, the superheroine known as Jade. The twins were both members of Infinity Inc., the supergroup formed by the children and heirs of the JSA Obsidian armor is an armor set that consists of the Obsidian Outlaw Hat, Obsidian Longcoat, and the Obsidian Pants. Wearing the full set provides +31% Summon damage +1 minion slot +35% whip speed +50% whip rangeObsidian armor does not grant a set bonus on the Console version and Mobile version. Crafting a full set requires a total of 60 Obsidian, 30 Silk, and 20 Shadow Scales or Tissue Samples. Obsidian is the fusion of Pearl, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, and Steven Universe, and a character that appears in Steven Universe. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 3.1 Skillset 3.2 Unique Abilities 4 Trivia 5 Gemology 6 Gemstones Obsidian has an appearance similar to that of other Obsidians, as they are very large with eight arms, two faces, and a fiery design. They have carbon gray skin. Obsidian and his consort Strika have fought for Cybertron in countless battles... and won them all. Though he is sophisticated and canny, able to concoct strategies with layers upon layers, his purpose is single-minded. He defends Cybertron. There is some fine print. Whoever happens to be in charge, whether a benevolent or malevolent force, in his reasoning, is Cybertron. Once power changes.

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Cull Obsidian was immobilized after Wong teleported him to one of the Earth's Poles, severing off his arm in the process. After the Avengers took Vision to Wakanda , Obsidian and Proxima Midnight led an army of Outriders in an assault against the small nation before Corvus Glaive joined the siege Obsidian Defenders are Hostile Mobs found exclusively in the Dragon's Nest. Obsidian Defenders are hostile, inflict the Wither potion effect, and are extremely fast. They are also completely immune to all knockback unless the player is wielding a weapon with the Knockback enchantment, from which they would take significant knockback. They are Wither Skeletons that wear a block of Obsidian on. Obsidian is a material used in Masterwork Profession. It can be obtained from untapped resources by using an Explorer's Chart: Omu. Obsidian - Official Neverwinter Wiki Gamepedia Help Sign In Register Obsidian Jump to: ,. obsidian (comparative more obsidian, superlative most obsidian) black Translations [] poetic: black Dutch: obsidiaan Latvian: obsidiāns m Spanish: obsidiano m The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into .. 『The Outer Worlds(アウター・ワールド)』は、Obsidian Entertainmentが開発しPrivate Divisionによって発売される、1人プレイ用の ロールプレイングゲームである。 日本では2019年10月25日にXbox ONE、PlayStation 4、Windowsで発売される [1]。.

Obsidian is the biological son of Alan Scott (the Golden Age superhero Green Lantern) and the Golden Age villain known as Thorn. 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 2.2 Weaknesses 3 Notes 4 Trivia 5 Recommended Reading 6 Related 6.1 Footnotes Todd was raised in an abusive adoptive home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He found out in his late teens that he had a twin sister, Jennie-Lynn Hayden. Obsidian is a Vehicon from the Beast Machines portion of the Beast Era continuity family. Obsidian and his consort Strika have fought for Cybertron in countless battles... and won them all. Though he is sophisticated and canny, able to concoct strategies with layers upon layers, his purpose is single-minded. He defends Cybertron. There is some fine print. Whoever happens to be in charge.

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Were you looking for the new metal in , Obsidium? After killing the Anubisath mobs in Ahn'Qiraj and Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, a Small Obsidian Chunk or Large Obsidian Chunk falls to the ground and is minable. You need 305 mining to mine it. The chunks give obsidian shards, or other gems, and scarabs. Prior to the Burning Crusade expansion, the mining skill cap was 300. A mining skill of 305 could be. Obsidian.net is the home for Obsidian Entertainment, developer of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II, Neverwinter Nights 2, Alpha Protocol, Fallout: New Vegas, Dungeon Siege III, South Park: The Stick of Trut Crafting Used to craft 21 items Hexagon Exchange Exchange Yields 5 Pieces Hexagons 180 Obsidian is a resource in ARK: Survival Evolved. It is found in caves and on mountains in smooth, black rocks. Whitesky Peak and Volcano have rich amounts of obsidian rocks at and around the summit. However smaller amounts of black obsidian rocks can be found in numerous peaks around The Island. On Scorched. Obsidian is the only color to ever rebel against the Gold elite (until the Rising). After the Dark Revolt, they were forced to live in the polar regions of Earth and Mars . Allowed no knowledge of high technology, the Obsidians worship Golds as Sunborn gods

An Obsidian Knife is used to get different types of leather from the dead bodies of certain creatures, such as Minotaurs, Dragons, Dragon Lords, Lizards, Bonebeasts, Behemoths and some bosses. It is possible to carve Ice Sculptures when using it four times on an Ice cube successfully This page is part of IGN's Valheim Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about the Obsidian Arrow including its stats and the resources needed in order to craft the recipe.Obsidian Arro Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass found as a kind of igneous rock. It is produced when lava high in silica (SiO 2) cools rapidly, and solidifies without time for crystal growth

Obsidian Conflict Obsidian Conflict海外wiki Obsidian Conflict Map Database その他 ObsidianでのSourceSDKの使用方法 最新の10件 2020-09-01 非戦闘マップ 2015-02-14 コメント/FrontPage 2014-07-03 Co-opマップ(Livesあり). Obsidian was a material. Fortress Vader on Mustafar was a tower built out of obsidian Who We Are. A wiki for the books within the Obsidian Mountain Universe. These books include the following works of Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory: The Obsidian Mountain Trilogy (The Outstretched Shadow, To Light a Candle, and When Darkness Falls), the Enduring Flame Trilogy (The Phoenix Unchained, The Phoenix Endangered, and The Phoenix. Managing projects and teams is hard enough, let's make the wiki part one less thing to worry about. With password protection and upcoming support for custom domain, Obsidian Publish fits right in no matter if it's a wiki for your team, documentation for your client, or a help desk for you customers

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Obsidian is one of the resources available in the New World. High Elves, Lizardmen and Dark Elves all produce Carved Obsidian instead of obsidian. It is functionally the same, and even shares the same icon The Obsidian is a common level 21 rapier, dropped from the Leafray in Redveil Grove. It has an 11% critical chance and does 76 damage. When upgraded to +10, it does 106 damage. The drop rate for this item is 2% Obsidian is a style material in The Elder Scrolls Online. Style materials are used by Blacksmiths, Clothiers and Woodworkers when crafting a piece of equipment to give it a specific look, and can be replaced by a crown store Mimic Stone

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A comparison between glowing obsidian (left), crying obsidian (middle), and regular obsidian (right) A bunch of crying obsidian placed in the Nether. Obsidian and crying obsidian, as they appear in the Programmer Art resource pack. Note how it still produces purple particles Obsidian Infusion Device is an Exotic - Tier utility upgrader added in the 2020 Easter update. As a standalone item, it multiplies ore value by 2x while simultaneously forging the ore, making it more dense. Explosions affect the ore less, sending it a smaller distance than usual while keeping the ore the same volume Obsidian is a resource under the generic Flint type of resources. All the non-generic resources of this type are He pulls the lever on the wall pulls up a bar on top of the first large furnace door, which makes a loud sound. Glassboy opens the door, which also makes a loud sound. He walks into the chamber and puts STP's key in the keyhole, making the mechanisms of the second, smaller door click, and it opens

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In the comics, Obsidian is the heroic identity of Todd Rice, the son of the original Green Lantern Alan Scott, twin brother to superheroine Jade, the possessor of shadow powers, as well as homosexual. The action figure of this character, released by Mattel in the Justice League Unlimited line has confirmed that this is indeed Obsidian Obsidian is a basic ore in Resonation: Excavation. It is a layer ore that comprises the obsidian layer, which exists between 4500m and 6000m. It is the fourth layer ore that most players will encounter in the game

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Obsidian can be forged into Black Glass in a Blast Furnace When used as input for extraction, this item has the following yields. Obsidian | FrackinUniverse Wiki | Fandom Games Movies TV Video Wikis Explore Wikis Start a. Crying obsidian, as of 1.16, is adecorative block that is used to createrespawn anchors. It is currently only obtainable through bartering with a piglin,ruined portals, and bastion remnants. Piglins have a 9% possibility to give the player 1-3 crying obsidian when given a gold ingot. This block cannot be used to make a Nether portal. Crying obsidian always releases purple particles (as if it. The Refined Obsidian Ingot is a crafting material added by Mekanism. It is used in the crafting of many Mekanism items including the Robit and the Quantum Entangloporter. Refined Obsidian is created by infusing Refined Obsidian Dust with Osmium in an Osmium Compressor Obsidian is used to make a nether portal. (Somebody make that a link) It takes the appearance of a dark purple brick, and can only be mined by Amethyst Pickaxes. These spawn naturally near lava pools. If you plan t

Iron Man | Holding Out For A Hero | Obsidian PortalESO: Deshaan Skyshards - Lady Llarel's Shelter SkyshardWhat is obsidian used for in Minecraft? - QuoraKoloth the Wanderer | A Manifestation of Chaos | ObsidianChoquilia-Calpola (Lizardfolk) | The Age of Drowning

The Obsidian Eight (黒 (こく) 曜 (よう) 石 (せき) の八 (はち) 人 (にん) , Kokuyōseki no Hachinin) is a mysterious group of eight Bushis who are fighting on the side of Onis. They want to retrieve the Obsidian Goddess from Musashi. 1 History 2 Known Members 3 Trivia 4 References 5 Navigation Shiro Inukai Nanao Inusaka Yataro Inuda Seiroku Inukawa Their last names heavily refer. obsidian is the primary weapon for the Herobrine Forces. they use this obsidian offensively and defensively, either making walls with it to block arrows and attacks, or using obsidian poles and extending them to impale and damage enemies. this ability is not normal obsidian. the obsidian hero brines use appear to poison enemies, giving an effect called Herobrine drugs. armoured Herobrine also. Dragonglass is a common name in Westeros for the substance known as obsidian, a form of volcanic glass. Along with Valyrian steel, it is one of the two known substances capable of killing White Walkers. It is also capable of killing wights. In Old Valyria, it was known as zīrtys perzys, which translates to frozen fire. Large amounts of dragonglass can be found on Dragonstone.1 Dragonglass.

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